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— About

As a visual designer, user experience designer and front-end developer based in Brooklyn, New York, I enjoy learning about my client's story and helping them achieve their mission by designing and developing their creative assets based on user-statistics and data.

Take a look below for my high-quality services in design and development.

  • Clients

    New York





  • Experience

    2004 — Current

    16 Years

    48 Awards

    438 Projects

  • Visual
    design (UI)

    Creating simple, beautiful and impactful designs — from branding, websites to apps.

  • Experience
    design (UX)

    Strategizing smart designs dictated by user research on humanistic experiences.

  • Website

    Developing robust and high-fidelity websites with the latest standards and practices.

  • iOS App

    Stay tuned for updates announcing project acceptance for Objective-C, Swift and Xcode. TBA

Based in Brooklyn, New York — I absorb the city's synergetic creativity and channel it into beautiful yet effective designs.

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