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— Argo

Argo is a simple yet powerful messenger platform that streamlines how business-to-business [B2B] communicate within teams — paired with a strikingly-beautiful user interface and experience.

Introduced by a mutual contact, Peter Frank, CEO and Co-founder of Argo, requested me to design the creative assets: branding, marketing and platform app.

  • Development

    2016 — 17

  • Client HQ

    New York, NY

To create a business-level quality in experience with substances of character: uniqueness and coolness.


Argo Objective

Product Essence

The ambience and environment of the Argo platform was catered towards a company's existing communication infrastructure as opposed to something casually sent amongst friends — important project tasks, to-dos, file sharing, meetings and course, an on-going trail of product development notes and version history.


Branding Creation

The first stage was to create a visual identity that would represent the Argo product as such: simple, elegant yet non-superfluous. We explored classic sans serif typography with stylized speech bubbles, ellipses — to something as simple as a play on the letter “O” as it creates a heavy pronunciation with the “Argo” name.

Argo Logo Concept 01
Argo Logo Concept 02
Argo Logo Concept 03
Argo Logo Concept 04

Design Assets

The branding and product design was to revolve around the challenge of creating a business-level quality with hints of substances of character: uniqueness and coolness. From the color palettes, typography, visual elements to the flow of the entire platform, we experimented with an assorted amount of mood boards, wireframes, information hierarchy and architecture — and of course, user tests.

  • Competition Yellow


  • Titanium Gray


  • Carbon Gray


  • Chrome White


Figure 3.1Geometrical Design

Argo Geometrical Design

Figure 3.2Business Cards

Argo Business Cards

Figure 3.3Messenger

Argo Messenger

Figure 3.4Download File

Argo Download File

Figure 3.5Hero

Argo Hero

Figure 3.6About

Argo About

Figure 3.7Testimonials

Argo Testimonials

Figure 3.8Features

Argo Features

Peter Frank

CEO and Co-founder

“I've had the pleasure of working with Tam on a wide variety of projects: turning wireframes into a beautiful design, outlining key functionality, and designing assets for our brand pillars and sales outreach. Tam has always combined exemplary communication and collaboration with top-notch talent.”

Argo Homepage

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