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Intuit is a worldwide brand that revenues $5.2 billion annually with its financial software such as TurboTax for filing taxes online, QuickBooks for bookkeeping, and [acquired] Mint for assisting personal banking.

In 2012, Intuit contracted me to design their debut SaaS app and its supplementary marketing assets for TurboTax Personal Pro, a new way to search CPAs and file taxes — 100% online.

  • Development

    2012 — 15

  • Client HQ

    Plano, TX

To create a seamless tax-filing experience from product discovery, awareness, adoption, to user flow.


Intuit Objective

Product Essence

Filing taxes with TurboTax Personal Pro was created exclusively for small businesses, freelancers and individuals — thus creating a more relaxed and casual atmosphere and ambience. The flow of the entire tax-filing process was aimed at simplicity, security, and could be done anywhere: home, office, or on-the-run.


Branding Extension

Running parallel with Intuit's current style guide and branding standardization, I added supplementary branding cues such as icons, graphical elements, and hierarchal layouts. As the product grew successfully and took on its own personality after its first year in 2013, I was later granted with more creative freedom for its next iteration that would come later in 2014.

Intuit Branding
Intuit Digital Pins

Design Assets

Collaborating with the Intuit teams, I was tasked to design 250+ prototypes during the product development stages. In addition, I designed the marketing website and sales outreach pages. Post-launch, user tests were studied using A/B tests, heat maps, and [consented] recorded screen sessions to reduce any friction between each stage: product discovery, awareness, adoption to user flow.

  • Azure Blue


  • Slate Blue


  • Pencil Orange


  • Paper White


Figure 3.1Hero

Intuit Hero

Figure 3.2Search Pros

Intuit Search Pros

Figure 3.3Upload Files

Intuit Upload Files

Figure 3.4Download Files

Intuit Download Files

Figure 3.5Upload Files

Intuit Upload Files

Figure 3.6Overview

Intuit Overview

Figure 3.7Brochure Outside

Intuit Brochure Outside

Figure 3.8Brochure Inside

Intuit Brochure Inside

Brian Crofts

Product Manager

“Tam's contributions have made a significant impact on the initiative's success. He had the ability to take my rough sketches and ideas and took them to the next level — which made my job much easier.”

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